The Frightening Far Right Agenda (Palin & now McCain, too)

Have you ever looked into the agenda of the far right?  Imagine a country (ours) settled by people who were escaping religious persecution and political intolerance now ruled by people who practice intolerance and ideological persecution.  And not only do they practice ideological persecution, they hold it as their duty as good Christians to their god.

Palin is a Pentecost.  That’s an extreme Baptist sect.  One could also define them as a cult.  They do “alligator dancing” in the aisles of their churches “when the Spirit moves them”; they “speak in Tongues” (garbled gab of no meaning effusing from their mouths, often accompanied by foam).  And what do they advocate?  They, as my ex-brother-in-law so pointedly informed me, are commanded by their god to kill anyone (“pick up a gun and shoot you” to quote) who isn’t part of their congregation…which means anyone not a Pentecost, though I believe they’ll hold their fire against other Baptists, Assembly of God, and similar extreme “right” denominations.  So that means everyone from atheists and agnostics, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Taoists, Wiccans, and Jews to Lutherans, Presbyterians, Quakers, Catholics, Mennonites, Mormons, Methodists…any Christian or non-Christian believer and unbeliever will be open gaime, gleefully terminated when and if they run them down and get them in their gun sights.  That’s scary to think of.

“Oh, no,” say the “rationalists.” The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees us freedom of religion.  That won’t happen.”

I remember the “freedom of religion” argument brought up before, and the response?  “‘Freedom of religion’ doesn’t mean ‘freedom from religion'” the religious right screamed back.  And what does that twist mean to them?  It means, yes, you have the right to believe or not believe as you choose, BUT they have a right to inflict whatever damage upon you and yours they choose, their religion delivering (the from religion part) the verdict of pain, harm, and, if mob mentality, Pat Robertson (a Southern Baptist), and the religious rightwing cronies have their way, death, preferably by stoning.  Stoning, by the way, is a very painful, horrible way to die…but, then, these folks enjoy inflicting pain on others, believe in it as their right, because, according to them, you, the “mis-believer” or unbeliever, are possessed by (of) the devil, and it’s the devil they perceive themselves to be stoning.

But, let’s get back to this U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights for a moment.  Do I need to remind everyone of our right to habeas corpus (…until G W Bush abnegated it, that is), of our right to privacy, of our right against unlawful search and seizure and all the rest?  Did that stop Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the entire Bush administration?  Nope.  It sure didn’t.  And they got away with it, with the (stupid) American people and (stupid) Congress, including the (treasonous) Supreme Court who planted Bush in the White House, giving them the green light to do it.

Palin is a Pentecostal Christian who believes that her god has given her this opportunity to set America “right.”  Beware.  AND, in choosing Palin as his vice-presidential nominee, John McCain has aligned himself with that Pentecostal-saturated agenda.  Their version of America is to DICTATE how you believe, to dictate your choices of body, mind, soul, and spirit, and, should you be found guilty in their eyes of being less than “righteous,” they will eradicate you.  That’s Palin’s and, by choosing her as his vice-president, John McCain’s agenda for America and its citizens.

5 thoughts on “The Frightening Far Right Agenda (Palin & now McCain, too)

  1. I’m not sure if the first settlers were escaping persecution, or they just wanted to practice their own form of persecution. Uppity women like yourself in early America would probably find themselves participating in the annual witch dunking…and not as a spectator!

    Same goes with popular perceptions of the founding fathers. We the people refers ONLY to white men of property. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness be damned for the rest.

    The word democracy appears nowhere in the
    constitution. Franklin described it as a Republic …”if you can keep it”.

    I support a women’s right to abort, but not to choose. Reproductive rights should not be unconditional, which is why I favour sterilization for people with criminal records or mental retardation.

    The Christian right generally believes there are no illegitimate children…only illegitimate parents. And I agree!

  2. Women like me in Early America would have been outright killed, especially because I am part-white, part Native.

    We the People did refer to white men of property at that time, yes.  But we aren’t living in that time; we’re living now, with Constitutional Amendments which expand rights to include other races and women.

    It IS, in fact, a Republic, true, but the post was written to the common man’s perception that this is a democracy.  And, it is written in the Constitution: of, for, and by the People, though we know the process is rather one of rule by oligarchy.

    Not to choose?  Well, I believe in choice in everything, so long as that choice doesn’t harm another, not including, of course, the fetus, which I don’t feel has any inalienable or human rights until after it can live freely on its own rather than parasitically.

    As to reproduction being a human right, I agree with you.  I’d go much further than you, though. I think that parenting should be earned.  If you, the parent, can pass a test proving yourself as worthy and capable of raising well-adjusted children, fine.  If not, nope.  We don’t need more dumb rabbits breeding more dump rabbits.  However, implimenting a policy would be very, very difficult.  The ethical and moral considerations are huge and troublesome.

    The Christian Right: They disqualify themselves automatically as any judge of parents since they prove themselves the worst of the worst in their predilection for intolerance, bigotry, prejudice, stupidity, irrational xenophobia…oh the list goes on, never mind their infatuated, idiotic, illogical and insipid adherence to a Bronze Age Myth.

  3. Yes, but at least they pray of your immortal soul after burning you at the stake. Feel better now???

    Back in the 1970s Anita Bryant got a pie in the face during a speech about riding America of gays in the schools and public office. She and her henchmen almost started praying for the pie thrower!!!

    The most horrifying thing I ever heard Palin say during the campaign was a response to a heckler. She said, “bless your heart sir…my son is over in Iraq right now fighting for your right to protest.”

    And the crowd went wild! The truth is that US soldiers havent fought for American rights and freedoms since the 1700s.

  4. Yes, but at least they pray of your immortal soul after burning you at the stake. Feel better now??? *cha-grin* *boom-chucka-chucka-chucka* *ting*

    And, no, I don’t feel better now, and neither do you.

    You remind me of my mom — same steel-trap memory for dates and details.  Never forget anything…unlike me who knows something happened, but has to research the what, where, when, why, how, and who.

    *applause* Without people like you, we really would be in trouble…because, as we all know, s/he who rules, rewrites history to his/her satisfaction.

    The most horrifying THINGS Palin said in her campaign was everything that showed her for what and who she is — ignorant and “not the brightest bulb.”  It’s what she didn’t say in her campaign, what she permitted her mobs to say and do, that speaks frighteningly and loudly.

  5. My memory is highly selective. If somebody at work starts rattling off sports scores its like nails on a chalkboard, I forget what they’ve said almost instantly!

    George Bush has a great memory too. Hes not big on thinkin, but managed to get through Harvard nevertheless on retention alone.

    Obama is definitely smarter, but doesnt have enough cash on hand to play the messiah role granted him by African Americans. All messiahs are eventually crucified anyway.

    You might find yourself more tolerant of Christianity in Europe. Theres no ‘alligator dancing’ in the aisles, people dont ‘catch the spirit’ and start speaking in gibberish, the preachers dont shout at the congregation, and so on.

    However its much too low key to be any fun, and somewhat dishonest, as everyone in the bible is an extremist…including God!

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